What is the best way to clean the mixing areas?

     Blue Dawn dish soap works wonders. I include a small bottle of the wonder juice with each palette. I have also found a cleaning product called MR. Clean Magic Eraser (their are other manufacturers of this product) that utilizes a special microscopic structure, as opposed to a chemical compound, to clean the surface. As you use it with a little water, the contact surface will get a little bungled up. Just nip it off with scissors and keep using the magic eraser. Do not use strong chemical or abrasive cleaners to clean the mixing areas. At most, a soft scrub cleaner can be used.  Some watercolors can be much more staining than others. Any of the Phthalo's or Alizarine Crimson  are such colors. Be sure to clean the mixing area thoroughly after each use. Do not let paint dry up on the palette as this will increase the staining power of some colors. This palette can ONLY be used with watercolor. Acrylic paint  and oil paint should never be used.   

What is your current delivery schedule?

Delivery time varies. For specifics send me an e-mail.  

Do you sell online direct?

     Most orders are place direct to me through my website/email.  From time to time I am able to produce boxes that I sell through the Etsy website. 

I have a nickel sensitivity, is that an issue with the German silver boxes? 

     Nickel sensitivity is found  in a very small percentage of the population. It is more prevalent in women than men and is often originally found in a person by the use of jewelry made with nickel. The result is a rash on the skin. Most adults that have it know they have it. Testing for an allergic reaction is as simple as taping a small piece of nickel silver to the skin. 

How do you finish the exterior of your palettes?

     My palettes have a natural finish. There is not a varnish made that does not chip or scrap off, resulting in a patchy harsh appearance. My finish starts with sanding with 200 grit through 5 grits to 2000 grit. The box is then compound buffed with two different polishing agents. I finish by polishing the box with 3M's anti tarnish polish and apply light microcrystalline wax. Through time the box will develop a beautiful patina. 

Do you take custom orders?

     I accept custom orders and can give a quote based on the requested features. Adding more paint wells and adding an engraved name plate are examples of  features that can be added. If you can think of it and I can make it, we will make it work. 

What payment methods do you take?

    I accept payment via Paypal and US Postal money orders. The process is very simple. You will simply enter in my Paypal email, (steve_fanelli@yahoo.com). There is a 3% transaction fee when using Paypal (4% for international orders). Money orders accepted are United States Postal Money orders. (The bank treats all other money orders like personal checks and informs me that a clearing period of two weeks is required.) Wire transfers in the US are expensive and are not a practical option. 

Why is the small palette more expensive than the large palette?

   The smaller palette is more work to make. Its really all about time. Relatively speaking, the brass is fairly inexpensive. The cost is in the extensive amount of time it takes to make and finish a palette or brush holder.